Take a look at our case studies showing a flavour of our recent work.

  • Weavr

    Growth Division helped build Weavr’s go-to-market strategy. We built out their Martech Stack and now have a growth team in place to validate 5 channels to market.

    Content Marketing|Customer Engagements|Direct Outreach|Email Marketing|Growth Strategy|Marketing Operations|SEM|Social and Display Ads – Facebook|Social and Display Ads – LinkedIn|Social and Display Ads – Other
  • Invigorate Platform

    Growth Division generated leads for Invigorate’s Beta launch. Using the direct outreach channel we secured interest from 43 Series B companies, who combined had raised over £650m.

    Invigorate Platform
    B2B|Internet|Management Consulting|SaaS
    Business Development|Community Building|Content Marketing|Direct Outreach|Fractional CMO|Growth Strategy
  • Clicksit

    Growth Division built out the Clicksit sales and marketing stack and processes. We helped build a new direct outreach strategy and managed the testing and validating of direct outreach as a channel to market.

    Business Development|Direct Outreach|Email Marketing|Growth Strategy
  • Presca

    Growth Division helped Presca build awareness of their new brand through SEO, content marketing and generating speaking engagements. We achieved a 300% monthly growth in community memberships.

    Clothing|Consumer Goods|Ecommerce
    Community Building|Content Marketing|Customer Engagements|Email Marketing|SEO|Speaking Engagements
  • Addland

    We’re working as Addland’s growth team working on Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, content marketing, search engine ads, email marketing and helping drive their growth strategy.

    B2C|Consumer Services|Marketplace|Property
    Content Marketing|Email Marketing|Growth Strategy|SEM|Social and Display Ads – Facebook|Social and Display Ads – LinkedIn|Social and Display Ads – Other
  • Breezy

    Growth Division have reliably hit Breezy’s 20+ lead target each month and proved direct outreach via email and LinkedIn a scalable channel.

    Content Marketing|Direct Outreach|Email Marketing|Social and Display Ads – LinkedIn
  • Oddbox

    Growth Division built Oddbox’s B2B go-to-market strategy along with their sales and marketing infrastructure. We helped grow their B2B subscription base and drive new leads into their pipeline.

    B2B|Consumer Goods|Food & Beverage
    Business Development|Customer Engagements|Direct Outreach|Email Marketing|Sales
  • startups.com

    We validated paid social ads as a scalable channel to market, consistently achieving 2+ Return on Ad Spend whilst increasing spend rapidly.

    B2B|B2C|Consumer Services|Education|Management Consulting|Professional Training & Coaching|SaaS
    Affiliate Marketing|Business Development|Community Building|Content Marketing|Direct Outreach|Email Marketing|Events|Growth Funnel (AARRR) Optimisation|Growth Strategy|Social and Display Ads – Facebook|Social and Display Ads – LinkedIn|Social and Display Ads – Other
  • Clade

    Growth Division created the marketing strategy, launched Clade’s new website, and grew traffic. After 6 months, Clade is averaging 140 conversions a month, providing content, PPC, and SEO as scalable channels to market.

    B2B|Consumer Services
    Business Development|Community Building|Content Marketing|Customer Engagements|Direct Outreach|Email Marketing|Fractional CMO|Marketing Operations|SEO|Social and Display Ads – LinkedIn

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