Who are they?

Clade is an industrial engineering company which manufactures, installs and connects heating and cooling assets to energy systems across the built environment. With over 30 years of experience of working for blue chip customers, Clade is leading the energy transformation in heating and cooling using cutting edge natural refrigerants.

What was the challenge?

Clade needed a full rebrand and overhaul of their marketing strategy as they re-focused on the growing heat pump market. It was clear there was a gap in the market for Clade to be the leader within their industry, if they could secure a strong digital presence and reach key engineering decision makers.

What did we do for them?

Clade has been working with Growth Division since December 2020. 

Created brand guidelines, mission, vision and key messaging

Carried out competitor review

Designed, developed and launched their new website

After launching an SEO optimised site, traffic immediately jumped 500%

Built out digital marketing channels, including SEO, Content Marketing, PPC and Digital PR

Honed the personal brand of senior leadership on LinkedIn, generating 750+ successful connections with relevant industry representatives.

After 18 months, the website began averaging over 80 form fills per month of which c. 50-60 are added to the CRM as MQLs

Some channels needed to be paused as we were securing too many leads for the factory to handle

Team on the account

Tom Dewhurst

Partnerships manager and outbound campaign management
Tom Dewhurst
Ollie Simpson

Ollie Simpson

Growth Strategist and content marketing
Ollie Simpson

Adam Smith

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and PPC
Adam Smith

Fiona Moucq

LinkedIn community building
Fiona Moucq

Jenna Owen

Digital PR
Jenna Owen

Channel execution: Bullseye Framework

Here are the channels we initially executed on with Clade.

It is clear that people are searching for heat pumps on Google and the competition is way behind in this channel. We validated SEO and LinkedIn Marketing – generating significant inbound traffic and leads as well as booking meetings with key decision makers through LinkedIn outreach.

The Key Metrics

500%+  Increase in traffic upon new site launch

55 MQLs/month

750+ successful connections on LinkedIn with Ideal Customer Personas

The Martech Stack

With Growth Division’s efforts, the client has ranked first on Google. The team has consistently provided feedback on the quality and reach of its online presence. They’ve also conducted regular meetings and are accessible in the workflow. 

Tim Rook – Chief Markets Officer