Our Story

Back in 2015, Tom and Tristan founded a mobile app startup called Ordoo. We were in the trenches building teams, raising money, failing lots, and ultimately finding some successful channels to market. Once we raised our seed-round we could afford to bring in specialist freelance marketers in SEO, paid ads, social media, content marketing, and PR. As the results kept growing, we found a fractional CMO and then we were off to the races. This approach transformed our marketing, eventually securing 35k app sign-ups, a social following of over 14k and generating 40+ leads a month.

Building a growth team in this was the ‘light-bulb moment’ and sparked the idea for Growth Division. We love working with startup founders and want to offer our community of 90+ vetted freelance experts to other companies we can be proud of. 

The 3 Growth Problems For Startups

Lack of strategic direction in growth channel selection

We often see startups running many channels all at once without a coherent, thought-through strategy considering growth funnels and how channels interact with one another.

Hiring generalist marketers

Many founders default to hiring a generalist marketing manager, who comes in and manages all the channels with little expertise. This always leads to wasted marketing spend and a much slower rate of learning.

Poorly run growth experiments

Testing new ideas and strategies without a properly structured growth experimentation framework with a clear hypothesis leads to unstructured learning and wasted marketing spend.

It was clear that a suitable solution didn’t exist or was very hard to create for startups. Agencies are generally too expensive for startups and not cost-effective; hiring takes time and is fraught with risks and drawbacks; hiring freelancers is a good option but it can be hard to find the best. Growth Division’s model was a no-brainer and we’re proud to offer our talent pool to other startups right away.

So, they set up Growth Division to empower businesses to overcome these problems. 

Today, the Growth Division team operates under one guiding vision, to “learn how to build high-growth companies we can be proud of”. Your success is our success, and we are passionate about supporting you on that journey. 

If you recognise any of these familiar marketing roadblocks, or your business isn’t growing as much as you want it to, talk to us today and learn more about how we can help.

Tom and Tristan

Our Growth Strategists

Our strategists act as your fractional CMO, first point of contact, sounding board and brainstorming partner.


Our community of experts

We build you a custom growth team of world-class growth experts to run experiments and validate your growth strategy.