Fiona provides Growth Division with a much-needed dose of European taste and culture. She has nearly a decade of marketing experience, most of which was spent client-side – which gives her a hugely valuable perspective within Growth Division. She’s dealt with a lot of agencies, she knows what they do wrong and right, and she can empathise with any client’s daily pain points. Stakeholder management, resource allocation, huge sign-off chains – you name it, she’s dealt with it.

As Head of Marketing at Galvin Restaurants she was responsible for the performance of highly complex campaigns involving every channel from Facebook ads, to PR, to organic social, customer engagement and affiliates. Having this kind of broad channel experience helps enormously when you’re dealing with clients ranging from niche B2B tech to mass consumer products.

Like a lot of the Growth Division team, she’s very active in her spare time. Marathon running, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking – it’s all part of the repertoire. She also has a WSET 2 wine tasting qualification, which doesn’t exactly help dispel the stereotypes about French people.