Who are they?

Eat Sleep Cycle have 2 physical cycling hubs in Girona and Malaga where they sell cycling gear and rent bikes. They have an eCommerce retail business as well as offering tour holidays for customers.

What was the challenge?

Eat Sleep Cycle’s growth had been flatlining without an expert-led marketing team. Before working with Growth Division they hired internal ‘generalist marketers’ who were not effective at driving growth. The founders Lee and Lou decided they needed a growth-focused marketing team to come on board with the aim of doubling the Tour business YoY. 

What we did for them

At the date of writing this we have been working with Eat Sleep Cycle for 6 months. In that time we have:

Driven €1 million in new revenue compared to the previous 6 months and when compared to the same time YoY

4x their monthly revenue compared to the same month the previous year

Helped driven over €2.25 million in deal value in 6 months across 290 deals

Increased organic traffic

563% increase in YoY impressions and 72% increase in top 3 ranked keywords

Team on the account

Tristan Gillen

Growth Strategist
Tristan Gillen

Anthony Perry

Paid Ads Expert

Alissa Dawn

Email Marketing Expert
Alissa Dawn

Stephanie Strachan

Community Building
Stephanie Strachan

Max Ward

SEO Expert
Max Ward

Channel execution: Bullseye Framework

Here are the channels we initially executed on with Eat Sleep Cycle. We have already invalidated Paid Meta Ads as a scalable top of the funnel channel to market for them.

The Key Metrics/Growth Rate

€2.25 million in opportunities created

4x monthly revenue since we started

We’ve achieved €1m of extra sales in less than 6 months and are generating 4x our monthly revenue before we were working with Growth Division. We have achieved massive growth with them. The best thing about working with Growth Division is guaranteed results each month, they just keep delivering. So I highly recommend working with them

Lee Comerford, Co-founder of Eat Sleep Cycle