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Tristan Gillen

Tell us more about your experience

Tristan helps companies to scale their revenue by optimising and automating their sales and marketing processes. In practice this involves:

Sales Process Design,
CRM Implementation
Marketing Tech Stack integrations
Sales & Marketing automations
Customer Engagement optimisations
​​His experience helping run and grow tech start-ups, along with designing, implementing and optimising sales processes in various companies, has made him an invaluable asset for any company looking to scale their revenue through process automation.

What services do you offer startups?

CRM and Marketing Technology

What're the best growth metrics you achieved?

Helped build automation systems that have saved hours of time for amazing startups including Oddbox, and Seedlegals.

Why do you love building startups?

Startups can help the world's biggest challenges. Even if it's on a small scale, each product or service helps improve someone's day in one way or another. I love helping grow businesses that substantively change people's day for the better.

Favourite Cereal?

Crunchy Nut (the original not the cornflakes)

Channel Expertise

  1. Direct Outreach

Tools Experience

What have previous clients said about you?

Tristan has been instrumental in delivering a new avenue for downloads of the ClickSit app. He’s built and executed on successful sales campaigns with key learnings and processes to take forward to help us scale. He’s also helped automate some core internal processes to drive engagement in the product, enhance efficiency and save us time.

Thomas Hill, CEO & Founder of Click Sit

So far, the collaboration has established high-performing marketing campaigns, which has already doubled. The client is impressed by the team’s passion and adaptability as they continue their collaboration.

Berian Reed – Marketing Manager

Growth Division has been performing well and hitting the target with over 40,000 views on LinkedIn, 20 leads per month, and a 46% open rate. They respond quickly and join weekly team calls for the discussion of the project’s progress. Moreover, they’ve boasted proven marketing skills.

Alex Phillips – Founder

Growth Division have a model that’s ideal for businesses looking to identify new channels for growth. They’ve brought in growth experts to validate LinkedIn Ads, Facebook/Insta Ads, email marketing and affiliate marketing as growth channels for The high quality of experts and flexible engagement terms means we can run growth experiments and quickly learn what works.

Ryan Rutan, Co-Founder and CMO of

Growth Division’s efforts have increased website visits and conversions, meeting expectations. They foster a positive partnership through a communicative and responsive approach. Virtual meetings ensure seamless project management. Their professionalism complements their technical expertise.

Sara – Marketing Manager

SeedLegals was in a period of high growth and they needed to optimise their sales and marketing processes and systems. They needed to streamline operations to boost the efficiency of the sales process.

We’ve achieved €1m of extra sales in less than 6 months and are generating 4x our monthly revenue before we were working with Growth Division. We have achieved massive growth with them. The best thing about working with Growth Division is guaranteed results each month, they just keep delivering. So I highly recommend working with them

Lee Comerford, Co-founder of Eat Sleep Cycle

Previous clients with Growth Division