Who are they?

Breezy is building a revolutionary new affiliate marketing tool that has the potential to transform how businesses pursue affiliate and partner marketing as a channel for growth. Starting off with the launch of the Discovery Tool, which would save affiliate marketers and business development execs hours per week on searching for prospective partners.

What was the challenge?

The Discovery Tool launched in July 2020 and Breezy were looking to sign up 100 Beta users to the product. On top of that Breezy needed to build out your sales and marketing stack that will automate the engagements with prospects and customers and systematise internal customer data management.

What did we do for them?

Create a growth marketing strategy for the product launch

Managed Linkedin, Email Marketing and Content Marketing channels

Outreached to 500+ contacts per month

Validated Affiliate Marketing Managers as the Ideal Customer Persona

Secured an average of 20+ leads per month through email and LinkedIn

Helped develop the product roadmap and lead the research for the contact enrichment and partnership development features.

Team on the account

Tom Dewhurst

Email and LinkedIn Growth Manager
Tom Dewhurst

Tristan Gillen

CRM setup and implementation
Tristan Gillen

Alex Dawson

Email and LinkedIn Growth Manager
Alex Dawson

Lucy Crossfield

Content Marketing Expert

Bullseye Framework Validation

Initially, we had some issues getting email marketing running smoothly. Being a new domain, it took us a while to warm up the email and deliver results from this channel.

However, we saw early success via LinkedIn, with a nice combination of tailored outreach to new prospects and effective content distribution paying off.

After 3 months, we got these channels running harmoniously and consistently hit our lead targets.

The Key Metrics

40k+ Views  Post views on LinkedIn in the first 5 months

20 Leads average per month over the first 5 months

46% Open Rate across 2k recipients

The Martech Stack

Growth Division has been performing well and hitting the target with over 40,000 views on LinkedIn, 20 leads per month, and a 46% open rate. They respond quickly and join weekly team calls for the discussion of the project’s progress. Moreover, they’ve boasted proven marketing skills.

Alex Phillips – Founder