Who are they?

Loftzone enables people to better use their loft-space through their raised loft floor solution and other products that are coming soon.

What was the challenge?

With many homeowners planning home improvements, the Loftzone team needed to go beyond their existing advertising channels (Facebook and Google) to achieve their growth goals.

LoftZone wanted to be the go-to player in the market, so brand awareness campaigns were vital. The Growth Division team wanted to reduce Loftzone’s reliance on paid adverts by building a long-term brand that defined the loft space optimisation. ​

What we did for them

Growth Division began working with Loftzone in September 2022 to support the company in scaling up to 100k lofts per year. The team quickly defined a growth strategy and started by testing the following new channels, in conjunction with our existing agencies running PR, SEM and SEO.

Offline ads – running a nationwide TV ads campaign

Social & Display Ads – running Meta ads

Viral Marketing – running a referral campaign

Team on the account

Tristan Gillen

Growth Advisor
Tristan Gillen

Clare Gittins

Growth Strategist
Clare Gittins

Edd Bowsher

Offline & Meta ads specialist

Channel execution: Bullseye Framework

These are the channels we initially executed on with Loftzone.

Channel validation

  • Established a sustainable CPA through paid channels, below target. 
  • Very successful video launch across 2 campaigns 
  • Viral marketing campaign is ongoing but without further investment

The Key Metrics

  • 4,075% increase in website traffic YoY
  • 22.44% website conversion rate
  • 2.4x ROAS from Facebook ads and 40% increase in conversion rate
  • 64,206 website sessions and 32.4 million impacts driven by TV campaign
  • 13,847 landing page visits

“Growth Division’s efforts have increased website visits and conversions, meeting expectations. They foster a positive partnership through a communicative and responsive approach. Virtual meetings ensure seamless project management. Their professionalism complements their technical expertise.”

Sara – Marketing Manager