Who are they?

Clicksit is a returns management platform that allows e-retailers to automate the entire customer returns process. It’s the leading returns app on the Shopify marketplace and has seen significant growth over the last few years as a go-to download for Shopify store users.

What was the challenge?

Clicksit were scaling up their sales team and needed more structure sales processes in place as well as the right CRM system. Furthermore, Clicksit wanted the salesperson to mainly focus on closing, so they needed the systems and expertise in place to bring in hot leads from

What did we do for them?

Built out sales and marketing processes to save the team time and increase efficiency and ultimately conversions in the sales process

Set-up a Martech stack centred on Freshsales CRM

Tested and validated email outreach as a channel to market, driving large volumes of new enquiries and building up the sales pipeline

Team on the account

Tom Dewhurst

CRM & Sales Process Expert
Tom Dewhurst

Tristan Gillen

CRM & Sales Process Expert
Tristan Gillen

The Key Metrics

New CRM & Sales Process ready for a new sales team

Martech Stack set-up ready to test new channel

Grew new app download through automated direct outreach as a channel to market

Growth Division has been instrumental in delivering a new avenue for downloads of the ClickSit app. They’ve built and executed on successful sales campaigns, with key learnings and processes for us to take forward to help us scale.

Thomas Hill – Founder