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Stephanie Strachan

Areas of expertise

Community Building: I consider myself an expert in fostering meaningful connections and creating vibrant online communities. With a deep understanding of audience dynamics and a passion for building genuine relationships, I am skilled in creating inclusive spaces that promote collaboration, drive discussions, and create a sense of community among members. PPC strategies: I possess a deep understanding on how to leverage paid advertising on all the major social media platforms to drive targeted traffic, boost brand awareness, and achieve specific marketing goals. Copywriting: I am a highly creative person with a keen eye for crafting compelling and engaging copy that resonates with target audiences. In addition, I have a deep understanding on social media best practices and how to create captivating content that captures attention, sparks interest, and drives desired actions. Content marketing: My creative brain coupled with my strategic mindset has given me a comprehensive understanding on how to create, distribute, and optimise content to drive brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. I develop data-driven content strategies that align with business objectives and target specific audiences.

Favourite Cereal

Coco pops, a childhood favourite!

Top 3 Dream Clients

Previous Experience

My prior company I worked for was 'Design Infestation', a design-focused marketing and branding agency in South Africa. I worked as their social media manager and co-ordinator, working specifically for one of their biggest clients, 361˚.

361˚ is a global sportswear and fitness brand with over 50 social media accounts and close to 1 million followers in total. I was responsible for managing these accounts, developing and distributing the content and copy, creating PPC strategies and organic posts on specific accounts that needed support as well as creating monthly reports that documented the overall success of 361˚'s social media performance globally.

When I first started working there, the total followers for 361˚ was sitting at 355,610. In just 12 months, I helped grow the followers to 979,342. This has been one of my greatest achievements thus far.

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