Who are they?

The world’s first virtual studio powered by a roster of world-class musicians. Musiversal gives talented musicians stable jobs and enables music creators to record music in real-time, more affordably and efficiently than any alternative. The future of music creation is here!

What was the challenge?

Musiversal were launching a truly revolutionary product for music songwriters, producers and composers – a way to access world-class session talent, remotely, on demand. They wanted to scale growth on the demand side of their product and to shift the majority of revenue to a recurring monthly subscription. Growth Division was brought in to scale Musiversal’s primary acquisition channel and to run growth experiments to test new channels. 

What did we do for them?

The main objective was to double down on the growth of Musiversal’s bullseye traction channel – Meta Ads. 

Growth Division audited Musiversal’s ad account setup, creatives and strategy. Then create a new strategy to accelerate growth. In the first phase of the project Growth Division also owned creative asset production, until this was hired in-house. Throughout we have been responsible for the day-to-day management of the ad account. Alongside the optimisation of Meta, we have owned growth experiments on additional advertising channels including TikTok, Google Ads and YouTube.

The main deliverables have been:

Audit of existing ad setup

Co-creation of a new ad strategy

Optimizing daily ad spend in relation to acquisition goals

Optimizing audiences

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) audit of landing pages

Production of creative assets (stills and videos)

Tracking & data (daily)

Reporting (monthly & quarterly)

Team on the account

Tom Hurst

Tom Hurst

Growth Strategist
Tom Hurst

Anthony Perry

Social and Display ads

Brad Morley

Creative content
Brad Morley

Bullseye Framework Validation

These are the channels we initially executed on with Musiversal.

Channel validation

In the first month of executing on the new strategy and taking over ad account management, we saw an immediate drop in CPL of -22%. Performance was choppier for the first few months afterwards as we tested different creatives, optimised the ad account structure and as Musiversal built out their own team. This has led to the creation of a smooth growth process and consecutive months of strong performance, regularly setting new acquisition records in terms of volume and CPL.

The end result is a high-performance growth team with a true partnership between Musiversal and Growth Division’s teams. More than tripled acquisition from 500 to 2,000+ leads per month (4X growth rate), whilst keeping CPL below $30.

In May 2024, achieved 2,000 leads at a $30 CPL, which surpassed the company’s end of year goal of 1,800 monthly leads at a $30 CPL, 7 months ahead of schedule. 

The Key Metrics

$1,000,000 ARR in the first year 

2000 leads per month $30 CPL target achieved

$30 CPL target achieved

Growth Division’s work has increased our platform sign-ups and decreased the campaign’s customer acquisition cost (CAC). The team was very smart, down-to-earth, and open-minded. Growth Division delivers work on time, communicates clearly, and is responsive to our needs.

Xavier Jameson, Founder Musiversal