Who are they?

Maji is a complete financial wellbeing and money management platform enabling you to track and improve the financial wellbeing of your employees.

What was the challenge?

Maji is on a mission to help everyone save for a financially secure future. They needed to implement a scalable, measurable marketing process. It was important to test new channels and campaigns, learning from results and optimising future efforts. The company is entering the next phase of growth and wants to implement a marketing strategy that gives the team confidence it is following and learning from a clear process. There is a clear focus on using lead generation channels to provide opportunities to convert to MRR.  

What we did for them

Built a marketing strategy from scratch

Website audit and UX improvements

Conduct customer research and rework the key messaging

Testing 3 value proposition statements

Launch a community building campaign on LinkedIn

Reach out to prospects directly using email and LinkedIn

Take over their Search Engine Marketing to harvest leads

Implement an new Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy

Team on the account

Tom Dewhurst

Growth Advisor
Tom Dewhurst
Tom Hurst

Tom Hurst

Growth Strategist
Tom Hurst

Alex Dawson

Direct outreach expert
Alex Dawson

Fiona Moucq

Community Building
Fiona Moucq

Stephanie Strachan

Community Building
Stephanie Strachan

John Cammidge

Search Engine Marketing

Marketing readiness: Martech stack

Growth Division built a growth marketing stack for Maji`s Account Based Marketing strategy. These are the best marketing technology tools that allowed us to run smooth and effective events. Integration is key with any martech stack, so we’ve built and tested this thoroughly.

Channel execution: Bullseye Framework

Here are the channels we initially executed on with Maji.

Channel validation

Community building (LinkedIn)

Established as an evergreen channel, important for brand awareness and identity. Also assists growth, sales and investor efforts.


Yet to prove scalability. Needs further investing in CRO work and setting clear target x timeline x budget, to make a decision. 

Direct outreach

Taken in-house. Performance was inconsistent through 13 months, however was our strongest growth channel with best ROI. Suggest concentrating on personalised approach. 

LinkedIn Paid

Generated leads (50+), however too low intent as lead magnet downloads. More time was needed for us to prove either way. Consider again with more budget to run it for 4-6 months, with a medium term strategy. Focus on reducing CPAs by combining with other channels (LinkedIn community building, direct outreach) and improving brand assets (video, graphics).


More budget and time needed to prove this channel. 

The Key Metrics

£148k+ in new ARR from Growth Division

145 Meetings booked