Who are they?

The team at Unlock are building a fantastic new platform that enables teams to bond and build team cohesion online. In the ever-more distributed world of work team leaders, managers and business owners have the growing challenge of ensuring they are building their businesses team culture, beyond just the day to day of worklife.

What was the challenge?

To date, most revenue has come from one-off sales on the platform. The team now want to focus on driving subscription sales, ultimately wanting to hit £1m in revenue. The Unlock team have proven there is demand for the product, now they need to double-down on growth and drive subscription sales.

What we did for them

Unlock worked with Growth Division from January 2022 to July 2023.

Developed a Go-To-market strategy and documentation

Launched new landing pages for paid ads

Created PPC campaigns across LinkedIn

Development new messaging and value proposition statements

Produced a robust content strategy to target relevant keywords

Proved that SEM wasn’t a viable channel for the brand

Take over their Search Engine Marketing to harvest leads

Team on the account

Tom Dewhurst

Growth Advisor
Tom Dewhurst
Tom Hurst

Tom Hurst

Growth Strategist
Tom Hurst

Alex Dawson

Direct outreach expert
Alex Dawson

Jon Cottrell

Jon Cottrell

Andrew Allsop

LinkedIn ads

Channel execution: Bullseye Framework

These are the channels we initially executed on with Unlock.

Channel validation

  • Doubled down in direct outreach – operating 2 founder profiles 
  • Proved SEM wasn’t viable due to cost of qualified leads 
  • Stopped LinkedIn ads to re-allocate budget to direct outreach 

Target: Head of People of tech companies. 

Geo: Europe & US

Strategy: Crunchbase, LinkedIn 

Approach: Lead Generation

Profiles: 2

Duration: 15 months

Direct Outreach team utilised crunchbase & LinkedIn to identify prospects working in tech companies with 200-500 headcount based in US & EU.

We enriched this with a list of head of people of the company and launched a mixed channel outreach campaign through LinkedIn & email using 2 co-founder profiles. 

The Key Metrics

£160k+ ARR generated from GD efforts

£101 cost per qualified demo

6245 connections from LinkedIn

“The breadth and depth of experience on their team – we’ve met and worked with probably 10+ of the GD team at this point and they are all top of their game in their respective fields. This means that they not only execute on our goals but also bring hugely valuable insights and perspectives to our campaigns, that we wouldn’t have thought of.

This is a killer combo and means they add value at every turn. They’re generous with their time and efforts, and treat their clients like they’re a part of the family. One example is how Stephen Johnson, their LinkedIn expert, kindly offered an hour of time for free to help me set up LinkedIn ads from scratch on my own, despite me not “technically” being a client of his..”

Sasha Small, Head of Growth