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Jon Cottrell

Tell us more about your experience

Dell Europe
Universal Film & Music
Mazda UK
EA Games

What services do you offer startups?

Google Ads
Google Shopping
Bing Ads/ Shopping

Favourite cereal?

Coco Pops

Channel Expertise

  1. SEM
Growth Division Bullseye

Tools Experience

What have previous clients said about you?

The breadth and depth of experience on their team – we’ve met and worked with probably 10+ of the GD team at this point and they are all top of their game in their respective fields. This means that they not only execute on our goals but also bring hugely valuable insights and perspectives to our campaigns, that we wouldn’t have thought of.

This is a killer combo and means they add value at every turn. They’re generous with their time and efforts, and treat their clients like they’re a part of the family. One example is how Stephen Johnson, their LinkedIn expert, kindly offered an hour of time for free to help me set up LinkedIn ads from scratch on my own, despite me not “technically” being a client of his.

Sasha Small, Head of Growth

Jon @ The Search Mechanics has been absolutely spot on with the ability to forecast where our ads have been heading & what changes will best suit our business. Thank you for everything!

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