What was the challenge?

Growth Division were brought in at a very early stage to help build awareness for Invigorate Platform and drive attendance to their industry events. Invigorate didn’t have a go-to-market strategy, so we created this and a customer journey map. We worked alongside the product team to implement growth features and get customers for the Beta launch.

What did we do for them?

Adapt strategy from direct outreach to brand building

Achieved Objectives and Key Results for beta sign up targets

Secured 33 leads of scaleup founders who raised more than £5m and have 20+ employees

Introduced Emma Westley to the project and ramped up to 8 days/ month

Delivered on development of an ICP and multi-channel strategy based on the bullseye framework

Helped deliver Invigorate Platform’s event marketing strategy

Team on the account

Tom Dewhurst

Partnerships manager and outbound campaign management
Tom Dewhurst

Tristan Gillen

CRM setup and implementation
Tristan Gillen

Emma Westley

Acting CMO, head of content, PR and Social
Emma Westley

Kurina Knowles

Marketing and operations assistant
Kurina Knowles

Bullseye Framework Validation

Here are the channels we initially executed on for Invigorate Platform.

We found some early success with ‘growth’ email marketing and managed to secure 33 leads within a very targeted customer persona.

The objectives then changed to raise awareness for the platform, we realised that content marketing was effective when distributed through LinkedIn. However, social media wasn’t generating enough awareness and we decided to move resources away from this channel.

The Key Metrics

43 leads from 1793 emails

27% click rate from 1793 emails

£650+ million total raised by GD prospective customers

GD has very effectively automated our business development event strategy and has allowed us to scale a process that we were doing monthly to something we can now do much more frequently. The tools have helped us monitor and track uptake and follow-ups much more effectively and freed up the team’s time to think more strategically and build relationships with leads.

Lauren Stewert-Tack, Founder and CEO