Who are they?

Tranquiliti enables teachers to monitor and develop student wellbeing. Through student insights and discussions teachers can get a better hold of how students are feeling, then the platform provides resources and support to enable teachers to provide meaningful change.

What was the challenge?

The team had a simple challenge, to triple the number of schools on the platform in 6 months. The needed a direct outreach function to deliver qualified meetings.

What we did for them

Tranquiliti worked with Growth Division from December 2022 to August 2023.

Developed a Go-To-market strategy and documentation

Completed a customer persona matrix with key messaging

Launched direct outreach campaigns

Team on the account

Tristan Gillen

Growth Advisor
Tristan Gillen

Alex Dawson

Direct outreach expert
Alex Dawson

Channel execution: Bullseye Framework

These are the channels we initially executed on with Tranquiliti.

Channel validation

  • Doubled down in direct outreach – operating 3 founder profiles 
  • Proved SEM wasn’t viable due to cost of qualified leads

The Key Metrics

1286 ICPs contacted

15 meetings booked from 66 MQLs