Who are they?

Repstracker is an app-based solution which enables people to make the most of a US tax loophole that allows them to offset real estate losses against ther income tax liabilities. In order to use the loophole, investors need to be able to demonstrate significant evidence to the IRS that they are spending above a minimum threshold of their time on real estate. REPStracker makes it easy to track and present that info to claim the tax relief.

What was the challenge?

Based on their own real estate investing experience, the Repstracker team spotted an opportunity to help people reduce their tax burden. With the launch of a new product they need to generate brand awareness, installs and subscriptions.

What we did for them

Repstracker worked with Growth Division from February 2023 and is ongoing (as at October 2023). 

Developed a Go-To-market strategy and documentation

Created and tested new messaging and new customer personas

Setup website tracking, analytics and performance dashboard

Launched a newsletter and engagement campaign

Setup an effective viral marketing programme

Established a sustainable Cost Per Acuqition (CPA) below target

Team on the account

Ollie Simpson

Ollie Simpson

Growth Advisor
Ollie Simpson

Clare Gittins

Growth Strategist
Clare Gittins

Clara Toombs

Email Marketing expert
Clara Toombs

Lauren Poole

SEO Blogs
Lauren Poole

Anthony Perry

Google and Meta ads

Channel execution: Bullseye Framework

These are the channels we initially executed on with Repstracker.

Channel validation

REPStracker teamed-up with Growth Division to support with our growth marketing to generate more brand awareness, installs and subscriptions for the app.

After a Phase 1 growth strategy, we have started by testing the following channels over the last 6 months:

  • Meta Ads
  • Email Marketing – nurture sequences and newsletters
  • SEO optimised blogs
  • Viral Marketing – referral scheme

The Key Metrics

  • Website users up 520% and conversions up 90%
  • 69% increase in installs YoY
  • 110% increase in new subscriptions
  • 27% decrease in CPC through Facebook ads
  • 80% open rate for email marketing sequences
  • 139% increase in organic traffic
  • Viral coefficient of 3

“Excellent personalised service by several team members who have become experts in my companies, brand and messaging. Always available via slack and extremely responsive with timelines and project to do’s.”

Kirsten – Founder