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Clara Toombs

Tell us more about your experience

Expedia Group including:
Monsoon Accessorize

I now work with Solopreneurs that span Interior Design, Photographers and Service providers.

What services do you offer startups?

Email Marketing - includes audits, strategic planning, implementation and optimisation (test & learn). Biggest strengths lie in email marketing strategy ad customer journey mapping. I also set up welcome sequences.

Customer Journey Mapping - in person, map out current customer state and provide recommendations on proposed future state

I'm also a Non-Executive Director so I provide broader strategic support to female-owned businesses.

Why do you love building startups?

They are the lifeblood of the economy!

What're the best growth metrics you achieved?

Improvement of CTR from 1% to 9%.

Favourite cereal?


Channel Expertise

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Speaking Engagements

Tools Experience

What have previous clients said about you?

Excellent personalised service by several team members who have become experts in my companies, brand and messaging. Always available via slack and extremely responsive with timelines and project to do’s.

Kirsten - Founder

The work I have done with Clara has helped me jump over a hurdle that has been tripping me up for ages. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

This will transform how I communicate with my clients, and ultimately help me achieve more sales.

Zeenat Ahmed-Peto, Cognitive Hypnotherapist

I hired Clara to help me set up our email marketing strategy for new subscribers. Clara was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and she quickly identified some areas where we could improve. She also helped us to create a more targeted and effective email marketing campaign which was also very much on brand. She was very patient, willing to answer all of my questions and in a way teach me how to do email marketing on my own. What has impressed me the most is how helpful she was with promoting our new email sequence. She gave us so many tips and even shared our promotional tools on her social media platform.

Silva Hrabar-Owens, Founder & CEO Under Her Eyes (Vegan Fashion brand)

Clara is extremely knowledgable in all things email marketing, having the experience to back it up. She really helped me to set a strategy; to have clarity over what I need to do to make email marketing a success. I highly recommend her if you are serious about powering up your email marketing.

Richard Lalchan, Business Coach

Since working with Clara, our highest metrics in a sole campaign have been a 40.2% Open Rate and a 9.9% Click Rate (it was 1.1% before working with Clara). She has helped, supported, and encouraged our team throughout the entire Email Marketing journey and has helped us to improve the design, opens, and clicks on our mailers through A/B Testing.

For anyone who is looking for Email Marketing Support, we at Watford & West Herts Chamber of Commerce wholeheartedly recommend Clara

Watford Chamber of Commerce

Having never got around to producing a newsletter, despite being in business for 11 years, Clara gave me all the support and confidence I needed to make it happen. She has been a treasure trove of ideas and tips and I can't thank her enough. Very happy to recommend!

Ruth George, HR Consultant

Previous clients with Growth Division