Who are they?

Presca is a club for eco-conscious athletes who like to push themselves. They create the most sustainable longer-lasting kit to help push your limits. It’s about helping us, the planet and your kit to Last Longer.

What was the challenge?

Presca were pivoting into the B2C consumer market, after some initial success with custom teamwear. This meant they needed to create and build a brand, reach out to new customers and foster an early loyal community. It was clear that sales were happening through organic traffic, but these needed to be significantly increased.

What did we do for them?

Create a brand strategy document

Identify hundreds of keyword opportunities

Audit the website and ecommerce store from and SEO point of view

Implement a content creation strategy and schedule to create 4 posts a month

Launch a Strava initiative to plant a tree for every 5hrs of activity time of the members. This has already grown 300% in a couple of months.

Outreach to podcasts and speaking opportunities to get the word out

Team on the account

Tom Dewhurst

Community manager
Tom Dewhurst

Alex Outlaw

Ecommerce retailing expert and head of SEO/Content Marketing
Alex Outlaw

Ashley Usiskin

Ashley Usiskin

Elle Mackenzie

Content creation

Bullseye Framework Validation

Presca needed long term brand building channels, therefore early results were slow to come in.

Having re-indexed the site, we saw an immediate jump in keyword rankings and organic traffic. It is clear this channel is building brand awareness and sales.

Additionally, the new Strava group we created (here) was met with resounding success and initiated rapid word of mouth.

The Key Metrics

300% growth of Strava community membership

500 emails collected from the website and orders

57 keywords additionally being ranked for in 3 months

The Growth Division team met and exceeded all of the agreed-upon KPIs throughout the project. These included SEO improvement, traffic volume, and community growth. The company’s audience is deeply engaged with the platform and automated systems.

Guy Whitby – Co-founder