More about Fiona

Fiona Moucq

Tell us more about your experience

Head of Community Building (June 2021 - current)
Growth Strategist at Growth Division (August 2020 - current)
Head of Marketing at Galvin Restaurants (December 2017 - July 2020)
Marketing Manager at Cirrus Inns (October 2013 - December 2017)
PR intern at SE10 (January - April 2011)

What services do you offer startups?

Community Building
LinkedIn Newsletter
Project Management
Coordinating channel experts
Developing clients relationships
Organic social strategy & execution
Hospitality Marketing

Why do you love building startups?

I love the adrenaline I get working with fast-paced startups - it's fulfilling

Favourite cereal?

I am more of a bread person :)

Channel Expertise

  1. Community Building
Growth Division Bullseye

Tools Experience

What have previous clients said about you?

The breadth and depth of experience on their team – we’ve met and worked with probably 10+ of the GD team at this point and they are all top of their game in their respective fields. This means that they not only execute on our goals but also bring hugely valuable insights and perspectives to our campaigns, that we wouldn’t have thought of.

This is a killer combo and means they add value at every turn. They’re generous with their time and efforts, and treat their clients like they’re a part of the family. One example is how Stephen Johnson, their LinkedIn expert, kindly offered an hour of time for free to help me set up LinkedIn ads from scratch on my own, despite me not “technically” being a client of his.

Sasha Small, Head of Growth

Growth Division has been performing well and hitting the target with over 40,000 views on LinkedIn, 20 leads per month, and a 46% open rate. They respond quickly and join weekly team calls for the discussion of the project’s progress. Moreover, they’ve boasted proven marketing skills.

Alex Phillips – Founder

Fiona and Stephanie, the Community Building experts from Growth Division, have been the creative minds behind our LinkedIn content strategy for nearly two years! They’ve helped us stand out in the Fintech & Employee Wellbeing sectors by posting high-performing posts that truly resonate with our audience. By continuously exploring and testing new ideas, they’ve been growing our impressions and engagement month after month. They’ve also managed to triple our follower count. Their proactive approach and flexibility make our collaboration a smooth and seamless journey.

Megan Worthing-Davies

Steph and Fiona consistently deliver outstanding content ideas for both my personal LinkedIn profile and our company page every month.
They really know how to capture the right tone, and I often find myself making minimal edits, if any. Their work fits in well with our broader sales efforts and has gone some way to establish my authority within the industry, and generate valuable leads for our business.

Sam Stamp

Fiona, our growth strategist, is great at coordinating all the different teams we were working with, especially in the beginning when we were still defining the services we needed. The whole team was open to feedback and adapted to our internal processes.

Jasmine Xie

Previous clients with Growth Division