Introducing WeThePlayers – A gaming social space set to grow

At Growth Division it’s our privilege to help startups prepare to scale the marketing of what is not simply their product, but the product they are proud of

WeThePlayers have made a gamer-focused social platform with no shortage of heart. You can see it in the community they’re building, the camaraderie of their early adopters, and in the feedback loops they’ve established with them. They’re passionate about hearing what their users are saying, because their ultimate goal is to give gamers a voice.

How WeThePlayers are switching up social media for gamers

While online game discussion is often dominated by giant game journalist sites like IGN, Eurogamer and GameSpot, WeThePlayers believe that everyone’s voice carries the same weight. 

So they built a way for anyone to write a review. Then they combined this with a gaming database that’s easy on the eyes, easy to navigate and attributes value to everyone’s perspective. Any user can rate a game, post their in-game screenshots or curate collections for others to see, and any user can contribute to the video game conversation. 

What Letterboxd does for people who love film – bringing together movie lovers, critics and friends – WeThePlayers does for the gaming community. The site is mostly aimed at avid console and PC gamers, though it’s gleaning attention from more casual gamers too. WeThePlayers is quickly becoming full of great content, all supplied by a tight-knit community that is set to grow.

Where WTP are now

WeThePlayers have their MVP in the hands of a growing number of early adopters. In gaming terms this means the site is in early access. The team is gathering feedback from the community and is gearing up for a full release with an exciting roadmap of features in the pipeline.

Ultimately, WeThePlayers have proved their product works. The strong customer demand among early adopters hints that WeThePlayers has the potential to become the Goodreads of gaming. 

The next step

The company has been self-funded to date, but they’re eyeing up a funding round in order to fulfil their vision. WeThePlayers’ team has great industry-experience, but they didn’t have experience of this stage in a product’s growth journey. So they came to Growth Division to get support from our community of experts. 

WeThePlayers have seen rapid uptake since Growth Division came on board. Further ambitious growth targets are in the pipeline as they eye their next round of funding.

Our experienced growth team is now working with WeThePlayers to help them find scalable and profitable marketing channels that will enable them to hit their user sign-up targets. This will set them up for a successful round of funding and a platform launch positioned to snowball.

Check out the growing community on the WeThePlayers site or get involved in the gaming conversation yourself.

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