Introducing Thought&Function – Startup and Tech Experts

Thought&Function (T&F) are experts in helping startups with product strategy, tech development, and raising funding. 

Veterans in the startup game, T&F are on a mission to help entrepreneurs bring their idea to life by building out their technology. They know there are so many ideas that never achieve their potential, and T&F offer an innovative, iterative approach that gives startups a far greater chance of long term success.

How T&F are changing the go-to-market route

T&F draw on design thinking, lean startup and agile methodologies to offer businesses the best chance of product success. Their approach removes implementation risk and keeps the focus on end-users so that businesses can find the sweet spot their audience is craving and create a product that makes waves.

So far from simply building software to spec, T&F bring together commercial savvy with tech expertise to help founders achieve their long term goals. They combine the expertise of strategists, designers and developers with a mutual passion for product. This makes T&F an effective one-stop-shop to get products to market.

Meet the team

Co-founders Joel Chan, James Zhao and Theo Inglis all come from software development backgrounds. But their true strength lies in their diversity and their understanding of the startup journey as a whole. 

They’ve each amassed experience across a vast range of industries, including Fintech, healthcare, automotive, education, talent, consumer goods and public services. They are well-versed in pre-seed and post-seed startups, while also bringing a perspective of what it takes to work within larger corporates like KPMG and Barclays Capital. 

Where T&F are now

Thought&Function are riding the momentum they have built. They’ve worked with talent agency Hillgate to develop a new platform, securing new users and partnerships and, in turn, a successful exit. Meanwhile, in the healthcare industry they’ve helped take Doctorlink from a company building their MVP, to a multi-platform service used by over a 1000 practices. 

They’ve worked from the ground up with companies like SULY, with whom they created a product that has the potential to change sustainability habits and practices. T&F have also stepped into existing ecosystems, such as when they built a financial calculator for Honda.

All in all, T&F have proven they can work with start-ups and scale-ups. The challenge ahead of them is to focus on scaling themselves.

The next step to growth

To prepare to scale, T&F are recruiting more people to be part of their team, freeing up one of the founders who can work closely with Growth Division and focus on the road ahead. They’re also looking to rely less on their own network and more on a sales and marketing engine.

Experts in market research themselves, T&F have defined their Ideal Customer Personas. The next step is to test them in the market, and so they are looking to Growth Division’s expert community to help them do just that. We’re also helping T&F to test and validate which marketing channels are scalable. Finding the right ones will enable T&F to grow out their proposition so they can reach a reliable stream of customers. 

Be sure to check out more of Thought&Function’s work or check out their insights into how to test startup ideas and get them to market.

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