Let’s Get To Know Rin Hamburgh

Tell us about yourself?

Hi, I’m Rin and I’m the founder of Rin Hamburgh & Co. We’re a Bristol-based copywriting agency working with clients around the world to clarify and communicate their message and build their expert reputation using high value written content.

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Why did you start your current business?

I’ve been a journalist and copywriter for almost 20 years now, but I founded RH&Co in 2016. To start with it was just me and a few freelancers but today we’ve got an in-house team of 9 as well as an ever expanding freelance team.

Who is your ideal customer?

Rather than settling on one industry vertical, we decided to focus on where we add the most value.

We define our audience as ‘expert-led businesses’. That covers any business – from ambitious startups to successful SMEs – that want to position themselves as experts in their field, whether that be data engineering, buying land or sex therapy (yes, we do have a sex therapy app as a client!). 

Our work is about showcasing the brand’s knowledge, experience and understanding rather than simply selling a product, service or platform.

Talk us through a project you’re particularly proud of?

We worked as part of the Growth Division team to create content for Addland as they prepared to launch their land buying and selling site. 

Using a tool called Frase meant we could ensure that the copy hit strict SEO targets as well as being well written, high value and on brand. We always beat the average score requirement, and sometimes by a significant amount, which was very satisfying.

In the six months after their launch, the content we produced delivered over 150,000 impressions on Google and over 7,000 clicks to the Addland site. Plus we got some great feedback from the client on our flexibility and responsiveness, which is always good to hear.

Why were you the best expert for the job?

I believe our journalistic roots are what set us apart from many SEO content creators. Rather than simply trying to hit as many keywords as possible, we’re always thinking about how interesting or useful a piece of copy will actually be to a real life human audience.

Bringing this viewpoint together with our broader marketing knowledge – of SEO, of design and imagery etc – meant that the finished copy wasn’t just “well written” but actually delivered on key objectives. 

What is your view on growth marketing?

I find it a fascinating and super inspiring sector of the wider marketing industry. On the one hand, it’s built on the core principles of all marketing – understanding your audience, defining core messaging, driving engagement and so on. 

But the relentlessly experimental approach, the use of data and technology, these are where there is real opportunity to do something special, especially for fast growing startups and scaleups.

How are you getting on within the Growth Division community?

I absolutely love the GD community. I’ve learned so much from the other channel experts. There’s always something interesting happening on Slack, whether that’s a request for advice or an interesting article being shared.

We’ve had some incredible referrals from other experts in the community too, so it’s genuinely impacted our turnover and growth as an agency. 

It’s funny to think that I’ve not met the majority of the team in person. It feels like we all know each other so well!

Any great examples of Growth Division projects you’ve joined?

We’ve really been enjoying working together with Fiona on the Weavr account for around a year now. 

The Weavr team are such experts on their subject, which is relatively complex and nuanced, so we’ve had to dig deep to understand enough to be able to represent them effectively through their blog. I never thought we’d know so much about embedded banking! 

It’s been really exciting to see how our work fits in with the other channel experts and to see Weavr going from strength to strength. Fiona is also a real pleasure to work with as a growth strategist and project manager.

What are your thoughts on the future of the marketing industry?

I believe that, as with all aspects of business, marketing will continue to shift and evolve. Technology will no doubt be a big part of that, especially around AI and machine learning. But at the same time, I believe in the foundational principles that don’t change nearly as quickly. 

We are, after all, marketing to people and so the core psychology that guides human decision-making will, I believe, remain at the centre of any good marketing strategy in the future.

Any final thoughts or top tips you want to share?

Keep learning. It’s a foundational principle of growth marketing and I believe it should be a foundational principle of life. We can’t rest on our laurels. The world is changing fast and if we want to stay relevant then we have to keep learning. 

For me, communities like Growth Division, which bring together channel specialists and experts in a collaborative space, are absolutely vital for that.

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