How Growth Division Benefits Investors:

  • Get our opinion on your deal’s Go-To-Market due diligence
  • Stop your portfolio companies from wasting money on marketing
  • Deploy a growth team of marketing experts in under 2 weeks
  • Reliably evaluate Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV) ​
  • Confidently double-down investment in the channels with positive Return on Investment (ROI)
  • We’ve been technology founders, we know startup challenges
  • Skin in the game, we back companies we believe in

Companies we’ve helped scale:

Proposition for investors

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Know which 50% being spent on marketing is working

We get it, when a founder says ‘We’re going to spend 50% of this fundraise on marketing’, a shudder goes down your spine. We see founders time and time again, waste millions of pounds on un-tracked, non-attributable marketing activities. Predominantly with the aim to please you, the investor, with overly ambitious growth targets.

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Effective marketing tailored to startups

Marketing for startups is a challenging proposition. Traditional agencies are bloated and charge too high fees. One ‘marketing manager’ can’t have the skill set to do all the marketing. Hiring a marketing team is time-consuming, costly and in-flexible.

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We’ve developed a validated growth process

Growth Divison have created a model for startups to test and validate channels to market. Giving founders confidence to double down in areas that are working and scale up customer acquisition. Our data engineering platform ensures that marketing spend is tracked and accountable. No more throwing money at marketing and hoping something sticks.

Get our opinion on your deal’s Go-To-Market due diligence

A startup’s marketing strategy and Go-To-Market plan are critical to any investment deal. Often the startup founders leave out this piece of work until after the fundraise, by which point it is rushed and ineffective. We’ve seen, reviewed and created hundreds of these documents and we know what to look for. We also push for equity in the startups with the best strategies, so we have skin in the game.

Our founders, Tom and Tristan, are passionate about learning how to build startups we can be proud of. Therefore, we’re happy to review up to 5 of your deal’s marketing documents each quarter and provide our feedback for free. We hope that this is the first step in an effective partnership and ensures the best startups get funded.

Feedback from marketing and startup experts

We’ve worked with over 60+ startups, running their marketing and finding scalable channels to market. We know what to look for and which strategies have a higher chance of success.

Increase deal flow on both sides

We love working with investors who share our values. We recommend the best startups in our portfolio and we hope the same is reciprocated. Together we can find and scale up the best startups.

Avoid startups destined to flop

We can identify the startups who’ve not thought about their customers and marketing plan. De-risk your investments by involving us in your due diligence process.