After 10 years of working his way up successful, award-winning London and New York marketing agencies, Will decided to strike out as a freelance marketing strategist to pursue his passion for smaller companies. Naturally, this led him to Growth Division where he is afforded the opportunity to help ambitious and forward-thinking startups achieve and exceed their growth goals. He’s got great strategic instincts, project management skills and, like any good strategist, loves the process of diving in and becoming totally immersed in his client’s business.

At the weekend he can be spotted open water swimming, cycling or at the rugby club. You’ll find Will to be calm, honest and affable and, if we’ve got one complaint about him, it’s that he sometimes gets so friendly with clients that he ends up in their offices and at their lunches rather than ours.

When asked for his dream client he doesn’t ask for much. Just a little startup that combines the ethics of Patagonia, the innovation of Dyson, the honesty of Ben & Jerrys, the heritage of Land Rover, the lunches from Dishoom and the passion he has for rugby. No problem, Will, those sort of businesses grow on trees.