Tristan fulfills several key roles at Growth Division. He’s a co-founder, new business generator, CRM expert, martech whizz, drum n bass track recommender and Eastern European correspondent from his current base in Budapest.

He went to university with Tom before joining Europe’s largest tech distribution firm in their Business Intelligence unit. There he learned just about everything there is to learn about CRM, automation and analytics. Eventually, Tom brought him in to work on Ordoo, where they navigated the mad world of London start-ups and eventually got taken over by an investor.

From there, Tristan became a freelance CRM strategist and worked with 25 start-ups over the course of 18 months helping them get their customer journeys, automations and Spotify gym playlists right. He then started Growth Division with Tom to help other start-ups overcome one of the biggest challenges Ordoo faced: finding and validating channels to market.

Tristan’s incredibly unflappable, calm and collected no matter the challenge. Beyond the day job he’s a coffee obsessive, avid adventurer and explorer, and wins the prize for most jarringly variable hair during lockdown Zooms. One day it’s an afro, the next it’s a grade 1 buzz, the next it’s a mullet. How he does it, no-one knows.