Ed’s an outrageously experienced marketer, whose expertise and guidance has helped numerous VC and PE-backed businesses hit and exceed their growth targets over and over again. He has provided strategic analysis and advice on all stages of the marketing funnel for both B2C and B2B clients for more than 15 years and has earned an outstanding reputation while doing it.

Outside of work, Ed’s a keen snowboarder, wakeboarder and surfer – so of course his dream client would be Burton Snowboards. He also claims to be able to drum like ‘Animal from the muppets’ and is lead singer of a Reef cover band. Reef, of course, were something of a one hit wonder with their song ‘Place Your Hands’, which makes their repertoire all the more easy to learn. Still, it’s a cracking song.

Ed’s insight and guidance has helped clients overcome all kinds of challenges, and he’s got the testimonials to prove it. Unfortunately, he is the possessor of a ‘resting b*tch face’ but rest assured: he’s not scowling, he’s concentrating.