Included in the GTM support package:

  • Growth marketing audit
  • Go-To-Market strategy
  • Channel selection (Bullseye workshop)
  • 12-month marketing budget calculations
  • Growth team resource recommendations
  • Growth experiment traning and resources
  • Success stories

Included in the growth advisor support package:

  • Growth marketing strategy calls
  • Introductions to Growth Division’s network
  • Access to select tools and reseources
  • Access to select documentation and assets
  • Ad hoc 1-2-1 skills sessions with growth experts

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Our 4-step Growth Process

Join our successful clients using growth strategies developed by our experts​

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Identify the highest impact channels

First, we build you a marketing strategy based on a deep understanding of your target audience. Using the Bullseye Framework, we review each of the 20 traction channels and put together an initial mix of 4-6 channels to test.

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Build your growth stack

Next, we build out an integrated martech stack using best-in-class growth tools. This means everything we do will be as measurable, efficient and effective as possible.

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Put together a team of specialist experts

We’ll then bring in world-class experts to manage the growth within each channel. The experts will validate each channel’s scalability and growth potential.

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Execute growth experiments

Core to the growth process is our growth experimentation framework. We’ll create and run growth experiments with a hypothesis, variable metric, targets, baselines and time frames. We’ll track performance each month, report to you, and hone in on successful experiments.