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Tom Tigwell

Tell us more about your experience

I have worked in B2B Marketing for over 3 years for a global ecommerce SaaS business and a Sustainability platform. Alongside this, I've spent millions of Ad spend managing LinkedIn Advertising accounts - from International market-leading businesses to brand new start-ups across countless industries.

What services do you offer startups?

LinkedIn Advertising

Favourite cereal?

Weetabix Mini Choc Chips - I do fear one day I'll wake up as one I am truly addicted.

Channel Expertise

  1. Social and Display Ads - LinkedIn
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Tools Experience

What have previous clients said about you?

“Having managed ads and budgets for many brands, Tom is extremely knowledgeable on the LinkedIn Ads platform. It’s obvious he has developed a good sense of what will and won’t work, increasing the chances of campaign success from the outset. Tom is always on hand to offer experience-backed suggestions for ad text, ad creatives, landing pages, and campaign optimisation. He’s also very personable, allowing us to work effectively with him as an extended member of our team.”

Martin Sharpe, Content & Campaign Specialist

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