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Siebe Van Dijck

Tell us more about your experience

Topia, Ferly, Growyze, Macmillan, Disney, Sony

What services do you offer startups?

Building & Improving products from the technology side. From research and planning to designing & developing prototypes, (bespoke) web products, mobile apps, and e-stores.

Favourite cereal?

Coco Pops

Channel Expertise

  1. SEO
Growth Division Bullseye

Tools Experience


What have previous clients said about you?

Undefined are gold dust within the digital and development space. They possess unusual and highly valuable mix of incredible technical talent and deep coding knowledge combined with clear product insight as well as the ability to understand their clients needs and consistently exceed expectations. We are lucky to work with them and they add a huge amount of value to our business.

Georgina Bale, Tech Warriors