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Rin Hamburgh

Tell us more about your experience

Rin is the Founder and Creative Director of Rin Hamburgh & Co, a well-renowned, Bristol-based copywriting agency. A journalist turned copywriter, she’s had bylines on publications from the Guardian to Psychologies magazine.

Now running Rin Hamburgh & Co she has won multiple awards and worked with a broad range of clients. Her passion and laser-focus on creating optimal copy makes her stand out as an expert who we’re honoured to have in our community.

What services do you offer startups?

Brand messaging development
Brand voice guidelines
Content strategy
Website copywriting
Blogs / articles
Report / whitepapers
Case studies

Why do you love building startups?

Startups are exciting, fast-paced and usually on a mission to change the world, or at least a part of it. Getting on board with them in the early stages, helping to shape the direction of their brand and see them soar, is a huge rush for us.

What're the best growth metrics you achieved?

Increasing a healthtech client's website traffic from 5,000 to 30,000 per month within 6 months using SEO content that still supported the brand messaging, reputation and quality to maintain trust in the product. The client also ranked #01 on Google for a foundational keyword phrase.

Favourite cereal?

Mini Weetabix (the raisin one, not chocolate chip or banana!)

Channel Expertise

  1. Content Marketing

Tools Experience

What have previous clients said about you?

Actual were looking to refresh their content strategy, Rin and her team made this really simple by helping us understand how best we could build a position as SMEs in our space. We're in a complex and technical industry. With no prior experience, Rin quickly took on board what we do and how it helps our customers add value. The process of developing a whitepaper with Rin was simple and painless. Really fast turnaround following interviews and research and the final piece required minimal amends. I would say Rin's strengths are not just in her writing. Rin and her team are excellent listeners. Finding the important details in what we were telling them, understanding the relevance to our audience and converting it to a usable content piece is what impressed me the most.

Vaq Hussain, Marketing Manager Actual Experience

Organic visits are the most stable part of Blueheart’s acquisition funnel. About 30% of people downloading the app after doing the assessment on the website came via the blog. We highly recommend RH&Co to anyone who struggles to find a good process to push out the quality content themselves. They are very responsive, stick to deadlines and the quality of the writing is very good. They have helped us to stand out and become an authority on certain topics.

Camiel Roex, Head of Growth, Blueheart

Rin and her team have transformed the way we tell our story to prospective clients and partners. Through a series of workshops and briefing sessions, they have created a range of written content for us that stamps our authority in the app development space. Content marketing is a long term strategy but we’re already benefiting from an increase in the quantity and quality of leads, better brand awareness and a clearer focus on who our prospects are.

Tom Riglar, CEO, Morrow

Rin Hamburgh & Co has been a revelation for us. For a long time we were employing freelance copywriters and never getting quite what we needed, leaving us to do a lot of the critical thinking. With Rin Hamburgh & Co they really own the work and always send us work well beyond where we can get it and still in budget. Added to that they’re really nice people to work with!

Celia Forshew, CEO, Seed Marketing