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Mehul Garg

Tell us more about your experience

Scale - ups - Photobox, Toucnote, Bloom and Wild, eharmony, Airup, Sneak Energy, Lloyds Direct, Canon, Lovecrafts

Corporate clients - Michelin Tyres, Nationwide Building society, Daily Mirror, Santander Bank

What services do you offer startups?

90 minute CMO - Untangle your thoughts by unlocking immediate insights that give you a clear pathway for success with a focused, 90-minute strategy session.

Audit and actionable roadmap - Success review gives you a comprehensive yet focused look at your business—from marketing channels to budgets and team structures. You'll get an actionable roadmap tailored to your unique challenges and resources, setting you up for immediate impact.

Fractional CMO as a service

Favourite cereal?

I hate cold breakfast so I generally cook, flake rice which is an Indian dish, or cooked oats.

Channel Expertise

  1. Go-To-Market Strategy
  2. Speaking Engagements
  3. Marketing Operations
  4. Demand Generation
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