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Kenda Macdonald

Tell us more about your experience

We've worked across B2B, B2C and B2G, small and medium enterprise. Ecommerce performs particularly well with our system of nurture campaigns.

What services do you offer startups?

My speciality is splicing the workings of the brain together with content marketing and automation. Creating automated customer journeys that account for and pre-empt behaviour. This combined approach to content marketing, behavioural strategy and email marketing creates powerful automation that brings in better quality leads, increases conversion rates and gets longer customer lifetime value.

Favourite cereal?

Coco pops

Channel Expertise

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Speaking Engagements
  3. Email Marketing
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Tools Experience

What have previous clients said about you?

Since 2016 we’ve had between 20% and 50% growth per year. We knew at the start we’d have to commit a lot of resources to build and implement what we wanted and set aside a budget of several tens of thousands of pounds for this. But it ended up paying for itself because the increase in sales along the way more than covered the cost.

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