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Javier Hernandez

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What services do you offer startups?

Web dev focused on marketing:
Custom code marketing automation
- JS
- Ruby

Custom Website development
- React

CMS development and customisation
- Storyblok
- Contentful
- Strapi

Landing page development
- Webflow
- Unbounce
- Elementor
- Wordpress

Web app development
- Node
- Ruby on rails

Favourite cereal?

Chocolate filled pillows! Like Flips, but I specially like generic brands from Spar for example

Channel Expertise

  1. Growth Funnel (AARRR) Optimisation
  2. Engineering as Marketing
Growth Division Bullseye

Tools Experience

What have previous clients said about you?

Javier is a very smart thinker. He comes with creative solutions to complex problems. Highly recommended+++

Andrew Aird

It was a very good experience working with Javier, we definitely work again together, his pro and innovative at his work.

Squeedr, Rafik Chabalger