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Emma Westley

Tell us more about your experience

Emma has over 20 years’ experience in global marketing, cross-channel communications and demand generation. She is an innovative, can-do marketer with experience of working closely with sales and product teams to ensure that marketing strategies meet business and customer requirements. She has worked with and for Enterprise, Mid-Market and Start-up companies to develop comprehensive marketing strategies aligned to their business and sales KPI.

What services do you offer startups?

Fractional CMO
Content Marketing
Demand Generation
Campaign Management
Marketing Mentorship

Favourite Cereal?

Pancakes (not very often though!)

Why do you love building startups?

The blend of innovation and pace - you never get bored working with a startup!

What're the best growth metrics you achieved?

Helped a US-based Services business grow from $5M to over $20M annual revenue in approx. 1.5 years.

Channel Expertise

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Target Market Blogs
  3. Demand Generation
  4. Go-To-Market Strategy
  5. Campaign Management

Tools Experience

What have previous clients said about you?

"We have had the absolute pleasure of working with Emma as we launched our marketplace business. She helped structure, organise and execute our entire marketing function and allowed us to be much clearer on our value proposition and brand positioning to our target customers. I would recommend working with her if you’re looking for tangible outcomes and a super-efficient, lovely person to work with."

Founder & CEO, Invigorate Platform

"We’ve worked with Emma for a year and a half, and we’re a much better company because of it. She brings a level of sophistication, organization, and experience to everything she helps us with. Our business has grown tremendously since we started working with Emma in large part to how well she has kept our marketing message clear and on target. We highly recommend working with her."


"The PRO team have been working with Emma on redefining our messaging, positioning and marketing strategy and it’s been a fantastic process! Emma has uncovered a number of real light bulb moments for us and we now have a much clearer plan of how we need to talk about our platform and reach our ideal target audience."

Director, Practice Room Online (PRO)

"Emma worked with on defining our offering in the market, website collateral and go-to-market strategy. Her grasp of our business and ability to choose the right messaging was second to none and her content has been instrumental in explaining what we do to customers."


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