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Having founded LD Motorcycles, an eCommerce store for his own brand of biking gear, Lorenzo realised he knew a thing or two about how to drive traffic to a website. So he founded Brick Digital to offer out the services he used to develop his e-commerce business on-scale to small-medium size business who are looking to embrace internet marketing.​

His digital services cover SEO optimisation, Paid Search and Social Media advertising all helping companies rank, engage and successfully convert prospective customers. His core focus is making a real difference to his clients bottom line.

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In 11 years one of our biggest challenges is dealing with so-called web designers and SEO experts. Brick Digital have gained our confidence and transitioned our website from obscure and outdated, to an enhanced look. There are a lot of Charlatans in this field and these guys are not among them.

Mel Loads, Director, BBF Consulting