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Kerry Leech

Tell us more about your experience

YouLend, Certino, Experian, Jaywing, Engine B, BankWise, Pressac, Trident Worldwide, Access Group, BigChange, 3radical, Bettermode

What services do you offer startups?

B2B content marketing strategy and execution - including demand generation, SEO, and thought leadership

Why do you love building startups?

It's exciting to take on the big players with more nimble and innovative strategies

What're the best growth metrics you achieved?

£8 million closed won revenue from an integrated thought leadership programme

Favourite cereal?

Fuel granola

Channel Expertise

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Target Market Blogs


Tools Experience

What have previous clients said about you?

"Kerry is a fantastic data-led marketer with deep knowledge of lead generation processes. Her knowledge of the risk and banking world has served Jaywing well over the years, in particular her ability to create nuanced and elegant articles for technical audiences."

Ben O'Brien, MD, Jaywing

Kerry has done excellent work for us. She has driven a majority of our marketing content and designed our sales assets whilst building the awareness of our brand with a thought leadership approach. We are now seeing incoming lead generation and our outgoing approaches are much better received and leading to conversions. They are very knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Nick Frazer, Co-founder, PurplePatch

After years of working together, I can confidently say that Kerry is highly experienced in the field of B2B demand gen marketing. We’re always impressed by her ability to understand client needs, navigate complexity and deliver a strategy that generates results. Pace is critical to us and she works quickly and efficiently, while never missing a deadline. It means we come back time and time again.

David Coghlan, Co-founder at The Inspired Marketing Group

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