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Jon Farrar

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Thomas Cook, Pizza Hut, HSBC, British Corner Shop, Cassie

What services do you offer startups?

Cultivate CRM helps businesses uncover untapped potential in their customer data. We meticulously interrogate customer data to uncover trends and opportunities to drive incremental revenue through CRM strategies.

Whether that's optimising the sales funnel, crafting engaging customer journeys or designing trigger based direct marketing campaigns, we have the expertise to help you grow.


CRM Strategies, Data Analysis, Email Marketing, Direct Marketing, SMS marketing, Customer Profiling, Customer Journeys, Automations, Funnel optimisation.

Why do you love building startups?

No slow moving cogs means you have the ability to implement strategies that yield instant results. You also work with some of the most passionate people!

What're the best growth metrics you achieved?

Increased monthly purchasers from 3% to 12% through a bespoke hyper-personalised CRM initiative.

Favourite cereal?

Golden Nuggets!

Channel Expertise

  1. Email Marketing
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