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Brad Morley

Areas of expertise

Video editing/motion graphics, Social ad creative

Favourite Cereal

I'm going to rock the boat and say I don't eat cereal...however I do love Krispy Kreme donuts!!!

Top 3 Dream Clients

Previous Experience

My first 'job' in the DTC/marketing space, was working with 3 other guys on a business called BrandBuildr. Before becoming a holding company for a group of fast growth DTC brands it was an education/consulting business that helped startups build their own ecommerce brands from the ground up with utilising resources, customised plans and advertising tips.

I did that for a year before we all parted ways due to some internal disagreements, and from there I started my creative agency.

We've worked with clients such as Space Goods, Wayflyer, Carpetright, Neon Beach, Midnight City, 304 Clothing, Mylee, Myoovi, Makara Wear, Physion, SmileTime and many more.

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