At Growth Division we’re always looking to stay up to date with the latest Martech tools. This directory lists a few of our recommended favourites.

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Analytics Tools


Company data is all too often spread across a multiplicity of tools and data warehouses making it difficult to make decisions. Databox brings your data together in beautiful dashboards.


Mixpanel works across mobile and web applications allowing you to track customer engagement and automate marketing to your customres.

Google Analytics

The absolute starting point in analytics. Track your website traffic and start to understand what people are doing and why people are doing what they are on your website.

Google Data Studio

Take your analytics and reporting to the next level by aggregating all your data sources into a single system – Data Studio.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools


HubSpot CRM is built for companies that want to spend less time logging data. It keeps all your contacts in one centralized, customizable database. It manages your pipeline so you can keep deals moving forward. And you can see everything about a lead in one place — no more digging through inboxes to find information.


Pipedrive is a CRM build with salespeople in mind. The founders made Pipedrive a tool that helps users visualize their sales processes and get more done. They knew from experience that in sales, as in life, you can’t control your results – but you can control your actions. So, they created Pipedrive around activity-based selling, a proven approach that’s all about scheduling, completing and tracking activities.


Freshsales is part of the Freshworks suite of tools, an Indian-based company that has grown quickly over the last few years through its popular Freshdesk customer service software and Freshsales the CRM software. Growth Division has recommended Freshsales as a CRM of choice to many businesses in the last few years due to the simple, easy to use UI and due to the breadth of functionality they offer even in the lower tiers (although that has gotten worse over time).


When you need CRM software that works with G Suite, you need Copper.


ActiveCampaign’s sales CRM with automation makes it easy to keep track of contacts.

Data Tools


If you’re a B2B business looking for prospective customer data, or if you’re looking to enrich your customer data GetProspect is a great, well-priced tool.


Email Validation and Verification, Email Checker and Bulk Verify Tool. Using DeBounce remove invalid, disposable, spam-trap, syntax and deactivated emails.

Email Marketing Tools

Automation and learning to improve are key to outbound sales. Reply makes both of these things easy to execute on, helping drive you warm leads


If you’ree looking to automate your outbound email sequencing it”s definitely worth checking out Woodpecker. Ramp up your outbound emailing and drive leads to your sales team.


If you want to get started quickly with an easy to use outbound email sequencing tool for your salespeople to use check out PersistIQ.


This is the sales CRM you need when you have a serious operation going. Drive efficiency and sales throughout your team with Close.

Engagement Tools


Intercom has owned the website chat market for years, it now has a seriously powerful set of features that make it great for capturing leads, engaging customers and offering customer support.

Referral Marketing Tools

Viral Loops

Take advantage of evangelistic customers and encourage them to refer friends to your product or service through well-timed incentives.

Social Tools


With over 675 million people in its network there is a high chance most of your prospective customers are on LinkedIn. Build your network and advertise to your prospects on here.

Google Advertising

Google is the world’s leading search engine and drives huge volumes of traffic to sites across the globe. By advertising across the Google network you can get huge brand exposure.

Facebook for Business

With such a large portion of the world’s population on Facebook you have a huge opportunity to directly market to your prospective customers based-off various parameters and preferences.

Other Tools We Love


When running a business it’s so important everyone can communicate effectively, no matter where they are in the world. Slack makes communicating simple and effective.


makes task distribution and project management an absolute breeze, no matter where your team are in the world.


Got any menial, repetitive tasks that are taking up your time? You need a virtual assistant, and Zirtual has got your back.