More about Karen

Karen Floyd

Areas of expertise

PR (also plenty of CMO experience, but I DO NOT consider myself a marketing expert)

Favourite Cereal

Karen likes to do intermittent fasting and doesn't eat breakfast, unless she's at a fancy hotel and then she'll indulge in some lovely fresh fruit and an English breakfast!

Previous Experience

intraHouse - SaaS, PaaS, Data Centres

DigitalTown - FinTech

Simpleview - Destination Marketing

Growth Division Bullseye

Tools Experience

"I had the pleasure of liaising with Karen as an investor and former Board Member of DigitalTown. Karen’s presentation of DigitalTown’s rebrand and go-to-market strategy was an important part of our due diligence. Her work ethic was exceptional, and she made do with a limited budget and resources as part of DT’s rebrand. Karen is direct yet diplomatic, ethical, intuitive, knowledgeable and professional. I hope we get the chance to work together again."

Lawrence Lerner, CEO