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Jonathan Milanes

Tell us more about your experience

Meta, Audible, BMW and various small start-ups.

What services do you offer startups?

Paid Advertising (Performance)
App Store Optimisation
Front-end SEO
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Data Analysis (Web, App)
Digital Growth Marketing Strategy

Favourite cereal?

Granola with chocolate and strawberries cereal

Channel Expertise

  1. SEM
  2. Social and Display Ads - Meta
  3. Social and Display Ads - LinkedIn

Tools Experience


What have previous clients said about you?

Jonathan has been a huge support to the team since joining. A quick learner and strategic thinker, he has taken on responsibility for multiple projects and helped push campaigns and the digital capabilities of the team forward.

Jonathan is a strong communicator with good task management skills and would be an asset to any team.

Mark O'Brien | Digital Director | Hogarth on-site at MetaDigital Director | Hogarth on-site at Meta

Since together Jonathan has been a massive help both in assisting in the day to day management of performance across Search/ Social, but also in contributing and even leading to forward thinking testing initiatives. Jonathan integrated well into the team asking all the right questions around ways of working which has allowed him to understand the skill levels and responsibilities of those within the team, therefore assisting with improved operational efficiencies.

Jonathan is great at providing solutions to client problems which comes from Jonathan’s ability to understand clients business challenges well with a view to prioritising these dependant on client requirements.

Based on the above Jonathan would be a great asset to any business either working individually or as part of a team.

Oliver Williams | Biddable Strategy Lead at Total MediaBiddable Strategy Lead at Total Media

Jonathan is a strategic, well-organised, & highly efficient digital marketer. His ability to work independently & consistently meet deadlines made him a massive asset during his time working with Brainlabs.

Hope we cross paths again in the near future!

Ben Beard | Senior Account Director at Brainlabs.