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Alex MacDonald

Tell us more about your experience

Every business needs great content, and every brand needs a voice. I write words that create business. I write words that work.

I am a copywriter and content specialist who gets results no matter the channel or brief, with clients ranging from GSK to BBDO. I am creative, conscientious and meticulous in any content project I undertake.

I live and breathe creative, content-driven marketing. When I'm not copywriting, I'm a content marketing consultant specialising in content creation, strategy, and branding. All the time, I'm a wordsmith.

I have experience creating winning content across sectors that:
Engages your target audience
Increases traffic to your website
Generates and converts leads
Creates revenue and sales
Achieves your business objectives

I craft content across all channels. If it’s words, I can do it — no matter the sector and audience, for brands both large and small, in any voice from quirky and humorous to serious and corporate.

I specialise in helping brands say what they want in the best way, putting their ideas into compelling copy, taking stories from concept to print, website, social media—whatever the channel, medium, or message.

Additional Experience:
Own Your Space
Simon-Kucher & Partners

What services do you offer startups?

Creating content across channels. I am particularly adept when it comes to websites, blogs/articles and social media.

Favourite cereal?

Very mood-dependent - Chocolate/Hazelnut Kraves!

Channel Expertise

  1. SEO
  2. Social and Display Ads - Meta
  3. Social and Display Ads - LinkedIn
  4. Offline Ads
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Target Market Blogs
  7. Direct Outreach
  8. Marketing Operations
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Existing Platforms
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Tools Experience

What have previous clients said about you?

Thanks again for all your hard work and the passion you brought to the team. Looking forward to working together again after this project!

Marian, GlaxoSmithKline